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Custom Wordpress Development + SEO & Web hosting

We have setup this page to help you pick what you need to accomplish your sites goal. A website doesn't always have to fall into just 1 package as each website is tailored according to what your specifications are. Please contact us and tell us more about your project to get started on your project or for quote requests. We'd love to hear about you, your business and your website.

  • StarterEntry LevelBusiness
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Information gathering yesyesyes
  • We listen to you

    We'll gather anything we need to get started. We first understand you, your business and your industry before anything else. This makes sure everything we do are aligned to what you and your intended site visitors are expecting.

  • Strategic planning yesyesyes
  • Getting ready

    We dig deeper, work our brains out and make sure everything is in place before we even touch our tools.

  • Website design
  • Initial number of pages 4-5 pages5-10 pages10+ pages
  • Initial number of pages

    It's common for a website to have an average of 4-5 pages. for websites with a lot of information to display or if you plan to sell products online you might need more than 5 pages.

    We setup all your initial pages along with your contents(text, images etc) during development and before site launch.

  • Logo + Custom website design and layout yesyesyes
  • A design that works

    We build websites with eye-catching graphic elements, perfect color scheme that matches your business, clean typography and professional photos all in a friendly user interface that is uncluttered and easy to browse whether on desktop or on mobile phones.

    Use of pre designed templates

    We normally do not use pre-designed templates unless a client has a specific base template he/she wants to use.

    A design is already made

    We can start developing your website if you already have the design done by a separate designer.

  • Mock up creation yesyesyes
  • Mock up creation

    A mock up is a full represetation of what your website will look like when it's done. You get to see the overall design first before we start developing the actual website.

    We send it to you & let you mark it "appoved" before we move to the next stage of development.

  • Revisions yesyesyes
  • Revisions

    We offer unlimited revisions to keep our customers 100% satisfied all the time.

  • Web development
  • Web technology (click to show more) yesyesyes
  • Web technology

    Websites we create includes the following

    • Latest web technology - if you have an outdated website then you are letting your business to fail.
    • Dynamic website, database driven - lets your website store information and do things dynamically.
    • Interactive features and animations - add user friendly features and a modern feel to your website.
  • Easy and natural browsing yesyesyes
  • Content strategy/usability yesyesyes
  • High grade page speed loading yesyesyes
  • Never wait

    You site visitors will never wait to load a page. We make sure that each page performs at it's optimum speed.

  • W3C compliant site, validated yesyesyes
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.

    We make sure your website conforms to W3C standards.

  • Cross browser compatibility in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE 987 yesyesyes
  • Cross browser compatibility

    Professional websites provide the same experience over different browsers.

    We check your website across all web browsers during development.

    Why so many browsers?

    People all around the world uses different kinds of web browsers. Some prefer to download and install a specific browser, the rest they tend to just use whats already installed in their machine.

    Mobile friendly website

    For mobile phone compatible websites please see MOBILE WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT.

  • Custom features/programming + misc functions (click here to show more) yesyesyes
  • Custom features/programming + misc features

    All website design package we offer may include the following:

    • Contact form - provides a way for you to interact with your site visitors/customers.
    • Advance menu structure - well planned menu structure
    • Photo gallery for collections of images
    • Front page image slideshow
  • Mobile website development yesyesyes
  • Mobile website development

    It depends on your user base if you require a mobile compatible website. having this feature is a great addition as it will eventually become a web standard in a few years to come.

    We development mobile compatible websites for Android, Mac/iOS, Windows and Blackberry smartphones and tablets.

  • Contact management system
  • CMS features (click here to show more) yesyesyes
  • CMS features

    What can a Content management system do for you?

    • User management, multiple profiles and login accounts with different permission levels
    • Admin page
    • CRUD(create, read, update, delete) unlimited pages, entries, menus
    • Group entries by categories or date published, tag each entry by keywords or author
    • Text editor, WYSIWYG Editor - similar to Miscrosoft office
    • Upload/media manager for pictures, videos, pdfs
    • Automated image thumbnails creation
    • Blog
    • Manage comments
    • Search website capability
    • Subribe to news feed/RSS
    • and a lot more!
  • Community/Forum yesyesyes
  • Monetize website/ad units capable yesyesyes
  • Custom CMS yesyesyes
  • Custom CMS

    Expand your websites functionality to provide a better and user friendly experience.

  • Custom plugins yesyesyes
  • Security+ yesyesyes
  • Added Security

    The default cms has no extended security features. We have improved it to block most security holes to prevent theft and unauthorized user hacks.

  • Major core updates yesyesyes
  • Major core updates

    From time to time you may want to update your WordPress installation to the latest version. This provides more security enchancements, new features and better performance.

  • Online store/shopping cart
  • CMS + online store yesyesyes
  • Search engine optimization
  • SEO research, on page optimizations and geo targetted SEO yesyesyes
  • Lorem Ipsum

    We make sure your website is search engine friendly and ranks well in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

    Highly optimized pages offers you more traffic and presence online.

  • Search engine friendly pages yesyesyes
  • Search engine friendly URL yesyesyes
  • Optimized page titles and meta tags yesyesyes
  • Social Media Integration
  • Facebook, Tweeter yesyesyes
  • Custom facebook page yesyesyes
  • Webmaster
  • Managed site yesyesyes
  • Let us do the heavy work

    We understand that some of our clients don't have the time or staff to manage a website. We can work together to keep your website updated with new contents.

  • Canadian web hosting by Hostbeaver
  • Web hosting yesyesyes
  • Canadian Web hosting by Hostbeaver.ca

    Please head over to Hostbeaver.ca for more information about web hosting.

  • Site transfer yesyesyes
  • Domain registration .COM or .CA yesyesyes
  • Help & Support
  • Less hassle maintenance, quick and effective customer support

    Clients often need assistance in taking control of their website. We provide documents to help you understand the website and update it seamlessly on your own. We personally look at your website if you are having an issue or require a small alteration for your site.

    After sale support does not include any new developments or enhancements in the agreed product you purchased.
    For any additional works you need to get a new quote. After sale support becomes in-active if you modify the files yourself, or any third party, or moving to a new web host.

    There is no time limit on this support and you can ask us as many questions as you like.
    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us anytime.

    If you think your website requires more attention to maintain or often needs to updated with new content(eg. ecommerce/shopping cart website), please check our webmaster services.

  • General help documents yesyesyes
  • Take control of your website

    We let our clients access a collection of easy to follow guides to help them accomplish common tasks when updating their website.

    These guides are available video formats with english captions.

    You need login to our website to access the general help documents.

  • Unique site guide & instructions manual yesyesyes
  • Unique experience & more ways to control your webiste

    Each website we create for our clients comes with unique features. Websites that runs with advance features like galleries, product categories will require a slightly different knowledge to maintain and update with new contents.

    We develop websites with user friendliness in mind and simpify(as much as possible) these tasks for you. We create a video to guide you to be able to accomplish these without any outside help.

    Both general help documents and unique site guides will be avialable to you after the completion of your site.

  • CMS Training yesyesyes
  • Future framework update yesyesyes
  • Not just ordinary addons

    We develop(and always develop) websites with our custom framework. These provide us more ways to make customizations for our clients.

    Our framework includes upgrades that doesn't come with a default Wordpress core or any default theme such as security and seo enhancements. We always seek for better solutions for our products.

  • Awesome people you can trust & work with yesyesyes
  • Awesome people you can trust & work with

    We don't just build websites but we become the people you can always count on if you need help.

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Need help to get started?

For more informations please contact us and tell us more about your project so we can put together a package that suit your budget and needs.

On Pricing

Pricing will vary depending on complexity/project size and site features required. Please send us an email along with the details of your project so we can give you a quote.

All the websites we build are customized to each client's unique needs, so we don't have a set price. We find out first some specifics about your project before we can give you an accurate price. Regardless of the size of your project, you will always get our best performance, top quality service and lifetime support.

How long will my project take?

Each website is unique. It really depends on the tasks involved. We give you an idea of how much time it takes to finish your website after we have reviewed all the details and before we officially start the project.