3 Powerful Tips For Getting Into The Right Business For You

February 10, 2022

In two earlier posts, “The #1 Best Business to Get Into if You Want to Get Rich” and “How You Can Find the Financial Success You Want,” I addressed one of the most commonly asked issues I receive.

Although stated in a variety of ways, the question basically boils down to…

What is the finest or “appropriate” industry or career to enter if I want to get wealthy?

My response is always the same, no matter how it is posed…

A business or career that interests you!

All the better if it makes use of your strongest abilities, skills, or talents. It’s not a big issue if it doesn’t. You can acquire the required abilities, skills, or talents as you progress.

Here are three effective strategies for finding the ideal business or profession for you:

Tip #1: Think about what you don’t like to do.

Although I don’t encourage looking at things from a negative perspective in general, there are situations when it can be beneficial, and this is one of them.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to reduce your search for the perfect business or profession for you is to determine what the wrong business or profession for you would be.

As an example,

If the prospect of selling something to someone makes you want to cry,


Let’s just say that

Toss up…

Then I would advise you to avoid any business or career involving sales, or at least direct sales.

From personal experience, I can tell you…

If you get into a business or job that you don’t enjoy, you’ll be miserable and ultimately fail.


Why predispose yourself to suffering and failure?

Tip #2: Think about what you “do” like to do.

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It could be something you’re doing now or something you’ve done in the past to make money. It could be a pastime or an unique interest of yours. It could also be tied to a school lesson you took or a certain subject you’re interested in…


Anything is possible!

Keep this in mind…

You can make a lot of money in “any” business or career.

Right now, people are becoming wealthy in every possible industry and profession…

And you can, too.

There is a way or ways for you to get money doing absolutely anything you want.

Here’s an excellent example:

I know a woman who makes a substantial full-time living doing exactly what she enjoys doing best…

Buying “things” at tag sales (also known as garage sales or yard sales depending on where you reside).


There is a drawback…

She despises having to sell her “things.” She finds the marketing procedure tiresome and dull. She gets all of her “joys” from discovering and purchasing her treasures.


How is she going to make any money?


She’s built an elaborate network of dealers willing to buy her “stuff” in their specialty areas at wholesale prices from her, consignment shops willing to sell her “stuff” for a percentage of the sale, and someone who sells her “stuff” on eBay for her (who, interestingly, enjoys the selling process but dislikes going out and finding and buying “stuff” to sell) for a percentage of the profits.

Although she earns less each item this way, she earns significantly more in the long run since it allows her to do the one thing she enjoys doing better than anything else:

Visiting tag sales and purchasing “things.”

Keep in mind:

There is a way or ways for you to get money doing absolutely anything you want.

Tip #3: Examine your strengths and shortcomings carefully.

The ideal business or job for you to pursue is one that you enjoy doing and that utilizes your strongest qualities, skills, or talents.


Although you should take them into account, your abilities, skills, or talents should not be your top priority when deciding on a business or vocation to pursue.


For two reasons:

The first and foremost…

There could be a variety of things you’re competent at but don’t particularly enjoy doing.


There is no aptitude, skill, or talent that you cannot develop if you so desire.

Wallace D. Wattles, best known for his classic opus “The Science of Getting Rich,” wrote in his book “The Personal Power Course”:

Finding a place where you will be satisfied at work is perhaps the most important aspect of wealth culture.

When you’re “happy at work,” your job stops being labor and becomes enjoyable.

Your “pleasure” mixed with constructive thought and activity can make you wealthy!

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