5 Instant Tips For More Online Sales

February 10, 2022

Even if you’ve managed to get traffic to your website, you may be losing sales due to usability issues. What exactly is “usability?”

Usability refers to how readily users can navigate your website. And you might be amazed at how much money you’re losing as a result of usability issues on your website.

Just because you believe your site is simple to use does not imply that your ordinary customer does.

Instant Tip #1:

Check it out with someone you know who has the same computer skills as a “average user” of your site.

Request that they do something specific, such as buy a product, sign up for your newsletter, or log into an account. Keep an eye on what they’re doing and ask them to speak their opinions out.

Allow them to complete the task on their own. You will not be present to give your prospective consumer directions. That’s fantastic if your “tester” discovers what they’re looking for. It’s critical that you know if they’re having problems.

Once you’ve seen how a “average user” interacts with your website, you may make changes to make it easier to use.

Instant Tip#2:

Make use of “web conventions.” People expect to see certain things on the internet. They become perplexed when they do not see them.

A confused mind says “No” in sales.

Your visitors will become confused and leave if you do not employ Web conventions on your site. You not only lose a prospective transaction, but also someone who could have become a repeat customer.

Here are a few crucial web norms to remember.

Hand, Type, Keyboard, Money, Finance, Business, Table

Instant Tip #3:

You have the option of navigating across the top or down the left. That’s what people are accustomed to, so don’t mislead them.

Instant Tip #4:

Check that your links are both blue and underlined. This is a crucial web convention. Make it clear what is clickable. It’s a good idea to make your buttons 3-D so that it’s evident what they are.

Instant Tip #5:

Make a sub-heading for each part and make it larger than the rest of the content.

Steve Krug coined the phrase “Don’t Make Me Think.” The key premise is that the more a visitor has to ponder, the less likely they are to buy from you.

Create your website in such a way that it is extremely simple for visitors to find what they are looking for. Your website does not have to look the same as everyone else’s. Simply use Web conventions to make it as simple as possible for someone to buy what you’re selling.

So now you know how to increase revenue by making your website more user-friendly. Before you go, check out the free ebook “How to Flood Your Website With Targeted Traffic.” You should do it right away before your competitors find out.

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