7 Marketing Tips For 2022 To Boost Your Results

February 9, 2022

Have you considered your marketing strategy for 2022? It’s time to look ahead and consider where the world of marketing might take us this year, so we can march into the rest of 2022 ready to improve our enterprises!

Here are 7 great marketing suggestions for 2022 that can help you succeed…


There’s a reason why the adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” has been around since the 17th century in some form or another. It’s wise counsel that may be applied to a variety of circumstances. One of them is unquestionably your marketing plan!

While it may appear to be more cost-effective or time-effective to concentrate your efforts on a single marketing channel, this is never a good idea. And this is becoming increasingly true as more of our interactions with prospects take place online.

First and foremost, by restricting the number of locations where your company has a presence, you limit the potential routes and touchpoints via which potential customers might encounter your brand.

Second, you’re counting on the marketing landscape to remain stable. That isn’t going to happen, is it? As marketers, we rely largely on digital marketing platforms that are always evolving.

And just take a moment to consider this possibility… We’re hearing more and more about businesses being locked out of their social media accounts and losing access to the followers they’ve worked so hard to gain. If you employ a one-channel method and this happens to you, you must restart from scratch because you have no control over the data of others who follow you.

It’s crucial to note that we’re not advocating that you use every marketing channel accessible. Choose a handful that are relevant to your marketing goals, and make sure they are diverse enough to avoid the potential issues described above. And, on a regular basis, use analytics to analyze your decisions, monitoring elements that are important to you and your KPIs, such as sales, inbound queries, leads, reach, engagements, and so on.


As marketing has progressively gone online, the amount of digital messaging we are exposed to on a daily basis has become mind-boggling. Every day, we are bombarded with 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements. With so much information to process, we’ve honed our skills in sifting out the pieces we want to view while entirely obscuring the rest.

So, how can you break through the clutter in 2022? One of the most effective approaches is to promote social responsibility and allow the humanity in your company’s culture to shine through.

By informing your clients and prospects about what you stand for and believe in, you may assist them in making purchasing decisions that are consistent with their own values or missions. This will make them loyal to your brand and result in a large following.

The Greencore Group is an example of a corporation that excels at this. Some amazing examples may be seen on their Twitter account.


Email marketing is on its way back! In truth, it never truly vanished; it simply fell out of favor. A combination of what appears to be thousands of emails coming in everyone’s inbox each day, the nightmare that was GDPR’s implementation, and the rise of newer, slicker tech has caused many businesses to disregard email marketing.

However, email marketing should be a key component of any company’s marketing plan. It offers the best ROI of any marketing channel — more than £42 for every £1 spent. Furthermore, you own the consumers’ data, so you don’t have to worry about losing access to it unexpectedly, as with social media marketing.

While simply sending emails can get you so far, there are a few other things you can do to improve your results. For example, cleverly repurposing and segmenting your existing material ensures that you get the most out of each piece of content you create. And the returns can be spectacular – marketers claim up to a 760 percent boost in revenue when segmented promotions are implemented.

Email marketing allows you to reach out directly to your consumers’ inboxes. A technique to communicate with them as people. That is not to be overlooked!

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Automation has already played a significant part in digital marketing in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022.

One of the reasons we value automation so much at Mushroom Marketing & PR is that, when utilized correctly, it makes it easier and faster to create a relationship with your clients. You get to provide customers with a streamlined experience from beginning to end, all while relieving the burden on your marketing and sales teams.

Another reason is that automation software provides a variety of helpful information that can be used to optimize your sales funnel and, ultimately, the customer journey.

Many businesses currently use automation to schedule social media posts or to welcome new email marketing subscribers. However, this is only scraping the surface of what automation is capable of. Why not attempt personalizing each customer’s sales experience by presenting material that is relevant to their previous contacts with your brand? Based on a prospect’s most recent action, software can now send out a customized email. Alternatively, why not install a bot on your website so that your prospects’ questions can be answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rather than being limited to your contact center’s operating hours?

At the moment, the opportunities offered by automation appear limitless, and we’re sure to see fresh and imaginative ways it may improve marketing as we approach 2022.


Since Facebook introduced the feature, and other platforms quickly followed suit, live video on social media has gained traction. And it will reign again in 2022!

Live videos are an excellent method to engage with your audience since they allow you to exhibit your human side (literally) and answer any queries they may have in real time.

Each platform’s live function is constantly being improved. Facebook now allows you to alert your followers ahead of time when you will be going live. This is a terrific method to generate excitement for a product launch or other news, and it allows you to maximize the number of individuals present to connect with.

Furthermore, if the idea of doing a live video to your Facebook followers makes you nervous, there are now workarounds that allow you to reap the benefits of the tool. You could pre-record your video and publish it through live streaming software, freeing up your time to connect with your audience in the chat section.

It will be interesting to observe how the usage of live video in marketing progresses over the next year, since each social network appears to be investing in the growth of their live video function.


Many individuals have lost faith in high-profile celebrities and social media influencers who promote their companies. Consumer confidence has been eroded by a growing understanding of how the industry operates, along with a few publicly publicized events (we’re looking at you, Fyre Festival!).

But that doesn’t mean influencer marketing is extinct. In fact, according to a recent poll, 46 percent of businesses who employ influencer marketing aim to raise their efforts in 2022.

Companies that can partner with smaller, niche influencers whose values align with those of their brand will be able to employ this strategy successfully to increase their audience base and acquire trust with their potential customers. These minor influencers are frequently specialists in their field or have a well-known, industry-specific blog that may be used to promote your company.

You can also form promotional alliances with other firms. These could include guest blogs, live interviews, or special customer discounts. The most productive collaborations of this type are those that benefit both companies.

The key to success when utilizing influencers or business partnerships to promote your brand or products is to strive for true interactions.


Instagram, the most-used social media site, is a fantastic platform for growing your audience and generating brand exposure. It has also recently fixed one of its biggest faults.

Because of the architecture and functionality of the network, converting your Instagram followers into website traffic has been infamously difficult. However, Instagram has recently made it possible for any business pages to embed active weblinks in their Instagram stories, which was previously only allowed to accounts with over 10,000 followers. This advancement will be a game changer for corporations, resulting in a paradigm shift in how tales are employed.

In 2022, let’s hope for a bit more ‘normal’ year. Whatever the future holds, the combination of skillfully utilizing contemporary technology and interacting with people in a true, human manner – as indicated in these marketing strategies – will enhance your results and see your business flourish!

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