How To Make Your Own Products To Sell & Distribute

February 9, 2022

Making and selling your own product is exciting and difficult. It takes hours of business planning and marketing to find people willing to buy your product. Selling your own creations isn’t easy, but the pride you feel when people buy – and love – your work may be worth it.

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Make the Product

Creating a product idea is the first step. This step involves creating a prototype and designing the product’s appearance. Your prototype can be something you make yourself at home, or you can hire a manufacturer to build it for you. If your product is unique, you should patent it to prevent others from developing a similar product.

Test the Market

It’s time to test the market once you have a prototype or samples of your product. Test the product on family, friends, and acquaintances. Explain the product’s use and ask your testers to be honest about whether they’d buy it, how they’d use it, and their concerns. Use this feedback to fine-tune your concept. If the feedback is positive, you can create or manufacture more of the product to sell.

Find Buyers

Finding buyers is the next step. Learn as much as you can about the people who might use your product, such as their location, income, family life, and media preferences. You can find out if your customers are individuals or businesses by asking them questions about themselves.

Choose Distribution Methods

To get your product to market, you must decide on distribution. Some companies sell their products both online and in stores, but you can sell your products exclusively online, especially if your item is popular. Rent a booth at a local flea market or farmer’s market to find buyers. Finding a sales distribution company willing to sell your products to retailers is another option.

Write a Marketing Plan

Create a marketing strategy to communicate your product’s benefits and features. To build an audience for your product, reach out to local Instagram influencers or place ads in parenting magazines if your product appeals to parents. Examine your competitors, even if they don’t sell the same product. If you sell fresh baked bread and are the only baker in your area, you still compete with grocery stores, so you must differentiate your product, pricing, and message.

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