How to apply as a vendor?

February 11, 2022

Dedicated to developing the world’s biggest community of skilled, professional vendors, we at Design Beaver are on a mission to make this a reality. In order to participate on our site, all new Vendors must first apply Design Beaver.

Our Vendor Curation team evaluates all applications following a stringent set of quality criteria, and our acceptance rate is quite competitive in the marketplace. Before their application being permanently refused, a Vendor gets three opportunities to resubmit.

Application submission is a must.

Contractors should complete the entire application and review their work twice before submitting it to Design Beaver.

In order of receipt, applications are examined in the order they arrive. The application may be examined at any time after it has been filed, even if changes have been made. Please be aware that we cannot divulge your position in the queue and that we cannot accelerate application evaluations on your behalf.

Suppliers should receive a response in seven business days after submitting their application, although it may take longer depending on the number of applications currently in the queue.

Suppose my application is granted. What would happen after that?

Upon approval of an application, the Vendor is assigned a Vendor level, which is determined by the amount of expertise presented in the application.

Suppliers are classified into three categories:

  • Agency
  • Professional
  • Hobbyist

Vendors are rewarded with extra perks as their levels rise, including access to more visibility throughout the platform, faster payments, and decreased platform costs as their levels improve. Our Curation Team checks the profiles of active vendors regularly to decide whether they are ready to move up in the ranking system. Vendors can also submit manual requests for reconsideration of a seller’s status.

In the event that my application is turned down, what should I do?

Before an application is officially refused, each Vendor is given three attempts to submit it. Vendors can submit an application for the third and final time 365 days following the initial two submissions. Note that each request must be six months apart for the first two applications. Due to a lack of resources, we cannot evaluate applications that have been rejected.